That Friend

Do you know that friend that always has a major crisis going on in his or her life? Every time you talk, their ongoing struggles consume the conversation? And all you want to say is “Get over yourself. You have made it through worse situations and frankly, there are people with even more difficult struggles”. Well, what happens when “that friend” is you?

What happens when you are the one that feels like you are a burden to the people around you? You feel like a Debbie Downer because every time you talk to them or send them a text, it’s about yet another thing you are going through? Right now, I am “that friend”.

Since last June, I have been working with a Counselor on multiple traumas I have experienced throughout my life and although the work done and the Counselor himself are extraordinary, it is completely overwhelming and exhausting.  I get so lost in, not in reliving the trauma, but the years it has stolen from me. Years of anger, depression, oppression, bad decisions that have kept me from the truth and the promises I have been afraid to pursue.

There are mornings that the healing pushes me to pursue God’s truth and His promises for me; and then, there are mornings—like this morning—when it takes everything in me not to call out of work. When I finally willed myself out of bed, instead of putting on my face of fortitude, I didn’t have the energy to put anything on my face at all.  I wanted so bad to reach out to my friends to ask them to pray for me because the weight was too much to bear. I started typing the text, but quickly deleted it as I remembered that just a couple of days earlier I had requested prayer for another crisis that was weighing me down.

Instead of reaching out to my friends as I wanted to, I chose to turn on the Christian radio station to tune out the chatter in my head. As soon as I heard the first song come on, I knew the Lord had taken over the song selection and was my very own DJ. Song after song, I felt the burden that was weighing me down lift right off of me. Song after song, I was reminded that I was not alone.

I was reminded that instead of keeping me from God’s truth and His promises for me, anger and all of the emotions I have felt for 30 years were protecting me from even darker roads than the ones I had travelled. That when I fixed my eyes on Him, I had finally found everything I needed. He lifted my soul and opened up my eyes. He is rewriting my story and nothing could be better.

This healing journey I am on is a difficult one and I know there will be tons more of good and not so good days ahead. But as I listened to the playlist on the radio, I realized that my angst not to text my friends was not because they wouldn’t be encouraging; the angst was the Lord prompting me to reach out to Him. In my fear of being “that friend”, I was reminded that Jesus was the only friend I needed.

Voice of Truth

Scared! That was my answer yesterday at church when everyone was asking how I was feeling about the move. Still very excited, but knowing my “logistics” trip is coming up, I was feeling a bit anxious…

This morning when I was driving Jake to school, we turned on the radio and the Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns came on. It was like the Lord had it played just for me:

But the waves are calling out my name and they laugh at me. Reminding me of all the times I’ve tried before and failed. The waves they keep on telling me time and time again “Boy, you’ll never win, You you’ll never win”.

But the Voice of truth tells me a different story the Voice of truth says “do not be afraid!” and the Voice of truth says “this is for My glory”

The “voices” is the enemy trying to discourage me from making this move. He uses every avenue, including friends with good intentions. They, in not so many words, relay the high risk of failure with this decision. Basically, the enemy is trying to remind me of all the times I have tried to do the “right” thing and have fallen flat on my face. But, this morning, through that song, God reminded me that no matter what happens…no matter what…this is HIS calling for us and HE WILL BE WITH US! And if we fall flat on our face, He will be there to pick us up. He will be there to encourage us and shine His Light of Truth on and through our highs and lows!

Out of all the voices calling out to me, I will choose to listen and believe the Voice of truth!

“Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid” Isaiah 12:2

Praise or drown…

I choose to praise…

Another day that is lost
A moment that I’ve cost
But I can feel Your arms of hope and grace

I’m holding on so dear
A promise You are near
Your loving kindness never fails

So take this selfish heart of mine
I want to give it all
I’ve wasted too much time
And melt away everything that’s not of You

I want to know You more
So much deeper than I do
Completely unrestrained

I’ll give my life away, every single day
A price to small for what You gave
I’m desperate for You
Shape my heart into the very image of what I’m to be

I’ll give my life away, every single day
A price so small for what You gave

Another day that is lost
A moment that I’ve cost
But I can feel Your arms of hope and grace

Unrestrained: Jeremy Camp