The house is finally quiet, peaceful. Dirty dishes, toys, shoes, and other signs of joy and life are scattered throughout. The day and week have been long. The kids have finally asleep in their beds.  I rest in my husband’s arms before tackling a messy home; he my helper as I am his. Tonight, this is what my heart longs for.

As my imagination runs wild with such detail, I am reminded that such longing was designed by my Father. He placed this desire to be united with the man He has created for me. This desire was to be a reminder of the deep desire He has to be eternally united with me. Unfortunately, the reminder has been tainted, transformed into a replacement and become the “destination” for so many (including myself at times).

Marriage was meant to mirror the relationship between Christ and His people. As a bride longs for her groom, our hearts should ache to be with Him. The pure exhilaration of being carried over the Heavenly Threshold in the arms of our Beloved is the truest manifestation of our heart’s deepest desire. No matter how much we try to masquerade it with earthly replicas, it can never be matched.

I admit I long for the day that I am able to rest in my husband’s arms, but I more so yearn for the day when I am able to eternally rest in my Heavenly Groom’s arms.