Guatemala Bound x 2!

The Lord has Blessed me…well, let me say He ALWAYS blesses me, but this has been a special shower of blessings.

As you all are well aware, a large piece of my heart is in Guatemala and I have literally ached because I have not been able to go since last March. Well, the Lord has heard my cry and is allowing me to go TWICE this year!! Isn’t He awesome???

The first trip will be from June 25-July 5. I just got word of this trip this week! I will be going with the local leaders as their translator. The team, which will arrive a few days later, will be doing a mini-VBS and mini-medical clinic.

The second trip which I had signed up for will be from October 21-28. This will be an Encouragement and Evangelism trip. The cost of this trip will be approximately $1,500. If you feel led to do so, I would be extremely grateful for your financial support towards the October trip. We all know that whenever we are on the path the Lord has for us, the enemy attacks, but we serve a MUCH GREATER God, so in addition to your financial support, I covet your prayers during the next few months!

Donations can be made out to Thomasville Baptist Church and can be either be mailed to me or directly to the church. If you send it to the church, please include a note that specifies it is for Jennifer Sanabria’s trip to Guatemala, October 21-28, 2014.

Jennifer Sanabria
656 Old Hwy 5 N
Thomasville, AL 36784


Thomasville Baptist Church
210 Wilson Ave.
Thomasville, AL 36784

P.S. If you are wondering where Jake will be during my trips, he will stay here in Thomasville with some friends. He is very active in the theater team (both in school and community) and he is also part of the sound/technical team at church, so he will be well occupied! 🙂

One Down…

So, our first fundraiser is now over and we are now 5% closer to our goal! PRAISE THE LORD!

As the garage sale was FINALLY over and we had cleaned everything up and were adding up what was made, I felt the Lord kiss me on the cheek. You know when you just wanna love on your child or a friend and you just give them a sweet kiss on the cheek…that’s what I felt. It was a reminder of why we are doing this. Why He is requiring me to actually get in there and work for this.

It is for Him that we are moving. It is to speak the truth of His Holiness and Love to those who may not have heard or have not fully experienced it. It is to share His redeeming love with so many who share my same story. It is to bring freedom and light to bondage and darkness.

My other lesson right now…He has required me to get out of my comfort zone and work for everything extra hard because, to be honest, I need the practice. I can a bit spoiled and expect things to happen with little effort on my part. And being the Awesome and Gracious God He is, He is allowing me to learn my lesson here, before I go!

I still don’t know why He would choose me for this work, but I am Grateful for the opportunity and look forward to making my Father proud! 😉

Garage Sale – Day 1

This week has been crazy! I have traveled all over Pinellas County getting items for the garage sale from so many Amazing folks, pricing every single item and then getting over the whole reality of haggling!

In reality though, I really have no complaints about today. It all went so Amazingly well! The weather was perfect, the traffic was steady and we sold TONS of items!

God is so, SO GOOD to Bless with some pretty AMAZING friends. From those who donated, to those who helped me price, help me sell and OF COURSE, those who BOUGHT most whom I met today!! I cannot THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH!!

The grand total made today is $527.93!!!! Isn’t my God AWESOME?!?!?!?! Praise Him! All Glory to Him!!!

As I reflect on the Greatness of God and how He has orchestrated so much on our behalf, I can’t help, but think of so many who do not yet know Him as their personal Savior. I ask, if that is you, please consider The One who is the Provider of all in existence. Consider listening to His call to follow Him. You may think it too risky, and you are right, lots will be required of you, but the payoff of an Abundant (way beyond anything you could ever imagine for yourself) life is what He has in store for you. WIll you hear His call? For more details, go to Why Jesus. I am praying for you!

I am now going to get some rest, so we can do it all again tomorrow! Hope to see many of you!! 😉

In His Love & Service!

Coming Along Beautifully…

So, here’s an official UPDATE of what is going on with the move…

1. Tickets have been purchased for the November trip which I will be meeting the folks from Vida Nueva, researching schools for Jake and looking for a place to live.

2. Garage Sale Fundraiser coming up next weekend! September 16 and 17 7:30am to 2:00pm. 7801 42nd st. Pinellas Park, FL 33781.

3. Dinner/Silent Auction Fundraiser is on November 3 at Bascom’s Chop House at 6:30pm. Please call 727-687-4693 by October 31st to RSVP.

4. The “Why Us?” page has been updated to include a more detailed description of how this huge decision was made. Enjoy!

We are still looking at moving in February, so we are praying all things will continue to fall into place as Beautifully as they have so far!

P.S. I am currently not working as the hours at the hospital have been non-existent for the past month. If anyone knows of a part-time or temporary position, please let me know. I am also willing to babysit, house and/or dogsit if you happen to need it. Thank you!


This weekend has been a bit of an emotional weekend. Fundraiser planning, Guatemala June team reunion party, church, life. So many things reminding me of how much I want to be in Guatemala now and also how much I am going to truly miss my family here!

Yesterday morning, we finalized the details of our second fundraiser, a Dinner and Silent auction at Bascom’s Chop House on November 3. We want this to be a great time to share what we hope to be doing in Guatemala, along with sharing what my trips have been like in the past and just some time to spend with people who support and encourage us. (Please RSVP by October 31st.)

Then, later in the day, we had a reunion party for those who went on the Guatemala mission trips in May and June. We ate, exchanged pictures and stories, saw a video compilation of pictures and video footage and shared what is going on currently in our lives. It was such a great reminder of how much I do love Guatemala. It was also wonderful to be around people who also have experienced it with me and can share in my love for Guatemala and its people!

Later in the evening and today, reminded me of how dear my friends are! They have become my family; my sisters and brothers! People I can confide in when things aren’t going so well or when things are simply wonderful! People I can cry with during the worship service, or share a laugh over a meal or yogurt! They are my home and what I will miss the most!

It is often said that the people are the “church”; not a building. This weekend, I discovered that the cheesy saying “home is where the heart is” is really true…it’s with my friends; my sisters and my brothers!

Swallowing my Pride…

I can be very prideful and asking for help is sometimes quite hard for me to do. I often don’t want to impose on anyone or make anyone feel obligated to have to help me, so I often don’t ask, but this is one of the times, I need to ask because it isn’t for me. Well, technically, it is… 🙂

I, along, with some awesome people am planning fundraisers. One of the fundraising ideas is a nice dinner with a silent auction. We are working on the venue, but really need items for the silent auction. This is where it gets hard for me…if you own a business, or know of someone who owns a business that is willing to donate their services and/or product for a silent auction, I would greatly appreciate you considering donating or asking on my behalf.

If you cannot help with the silent auction, but have ideas on other fundraisers and are willing to help out, please let me know.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, encouragement and help!!! I, honestly, could not do it all myself.

P.S. We just received Jake’s passport today!!! YAY!!