Target on my forehead…

Ever feel like the enemy is using you as his shooting target? Well, he is, but like one of my favorite songs says “you can fire, but you got no bullets“. He puts a target on our forehead and we get scared because he may have a bullet this time. Wrong!!

I saw a Beth Moore clip today where she reminds us how if we are in Christ, we can be struck down, but we will never be destroyed (2 Corinthians 4:8-9). That is a promise we have in Christ and we have to continually claim that victory!

So many times we focus on the bad, on the past, on the who we were, but we need to focus on the good, the future, the Whose we are! We need focus on the Cross and remove ALL pride from our lives…

Side note: Pride isn’t always thinking highly of yourself, it can also be when you think bad of yourself. It’s basically thinking of yourself…which ever direction you choose to take it.

By removing all pride, our focus is turned from us to Christ and that is where we always need to be focused. And by turning to Him, we remind the enemy he’s got nothing on us!

When the enemy reminds you of your past, remind him of his future!! (Revelation 20:10)