Goes Without Saying

As I do everyday, I prayed for you today. They may not be as specific as I would like, but I pray what I know. I pray for you to be bold, strong, courageous and fearless. I pray for your faith and knowledge of God to increase everyday. I pray for your heart to yearn for Him as it never has. I pray the people currently in your life are drawing you closer to Him and, selfishly of course, I pray for those relationships to draw you closer to me as well.

I pray that you are not like some people who “always avoid things that are costly, or things that require self-denial, self-restraint, and self-sacrifice” (Streams in the Desert).  For seeking such things will not lead you to greatness. An easier life doesn’t develop a strong person. I don’t recall stories of God’s great men travelling in calm and smooth seas. They were in storms, floods, and even shipwrecks, but those are the ones who found joy, contentment, and peace. They fought the good fight and ran the race. They were willing to risk it all. Friends, family, stability, and safety meant nothing if it kept them from God and His will for their lives. This is my prayer for you — seek His will without hesitation.

When you seek Him with all your heart that is when you will find Him. But when you seek, I pray you also see. See what He brings before your eyes. Carefully consider the thoughts that cross your mind. The “sightings” you have may be a word from Him and not just a fleeting memory.

Everyday you are closer to the man He has created you to be; the man I have prayed for you to become. I may not be able to witness this progression in your life, but I have faith it is happening and will continue praying you through each moment, especially the difficult times that I am sure will come, if you are not already in the midst of them.

As Philip Brooks states, I do not pray for your life to be easy, for an easy life would not build boldness and strength. I do not pray for your tasks to be equal to your power, but for your power to grow equal to your tasks. Because then doing your work will not be a miracle, but through it all, you will become the miracle.

I know this goes without saying, but I love you! I never stopped and I don’t believe I ever will!

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