Gospel Truth

Today happens to be my father’s birthday. I have the paper that states he is my father and he has a paper that states today is his birthday, but how can we believe any of that? They are just pieces of paper that someone wrote out because it was their job to do so. Was the person who signed my father’s birth certificate present at the exact moment of his birth? And how is the person who signed my birth certificate certain that he was really my father? Where they present at the time of my conception? I have no doubt who my father is, but does a birth certificate make it gospel? No. In order for it to be, I have to accept this man as my father.

The word gospel is defined as “something accepted or promoted as infallible truth” (Merriam-Webster). The fact that a piece of paper states that Ceferino Rosa is my father may make it true. How much he loves me and how his heart is still burdened to care for his baby girl may even prove it to be infallible; but when I finally accepted and promoted him as my father is what made it gospel.

In the same fashion, not only do we have to believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on a cross, rose on the third, and the reason why He would choose to do such a thing; but also He knew what He was doing and who He was doing it for. That good and bad, He was with us the day of each of our births, He will be there the day we will die and is with us every day in between. Once we choose to accept and promote that as infallible is when we will know the Gospel Truth!

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