For as long as I can remember, I have had a bad and disgusting habit of biting my fingernails. The past few years I would bite them so much, I would often make my fingers bleed. My trigger was stress; instead of binge eating, I would binge bite.

When I was in Florida, I would always have acrylics on to allow my nails to grow. I figured if they were already long, I wouldn’t bite them when the acrylic nails were removed. I tried that theory many times and every time it failed. I tried several other remedies to  resolve this bad habit, but nothing seemed to work.

All that being said, I have not bitten my nails since March of this year and my nails are long and strong. They are gorgeous and I am so proud of how they look. I can’t pinpoint to what the remedy was or even if there is one. I do know that my stress levels the past few months have been high enough to make me bite other’s people’s fingernails, but when I look at how beautiful my nails look, I lose the desire to. I, honestly, don’t have a secret to why I am not biting nails anymore, but I do know that without God’s help and the daily reminder of what I do have (long, natural nails, no painful or bloody fingers), I will be able to enjoy my nails for a long time.

I guess like any bad habit or addiction (for lack of a better term), it is a matter of deciding everyday whether or not you will fall into temptation. I am not saying that biting my nails is equivalent to a drug, alcohol or sexual addiction, but if such a big God would help me with such a menial request as to not bite my nails without me even asking, I believe He would do the same, if not more, for someone who does ask.

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