I do

“Do you recall sleeping through that raging storm?”

Yes, Peter and the others were so worried over nothing.

“Yes, that one…”

What’s wrong?

“Well, I guess I feel like them…worrying over nothing, but like them, this ‘nothing’ sure does feel like something. And even if it is nothing, the storm is loud and scary and who knows how long it will last…”

I do.

“Yes, but I don’t.”

I told you it would last for a long time, but I also told you how it would end.

“I’m having trouble believing that.”

You mean, you are having trouble believing Me?

“No. That’s not what I meant.”

But it is and, although I know you didn’t mean it against Me, when you don’t believe something I told you, and you know in your heart to be true, you are not believing Me. 

“Oh…I’m so sorry! That’s so horrible of me. You’ve only been good and faithful to me. How could I doubt you?”

But you do.

“I do. I’m so sorry.”

Come here.

“What? No. How can I come close to You after all that? I sure wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t trust me to be near me?”

But I do.

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