“Daddy, it hurts.”

What does, honey?

“Right here.” She said pointing to her heart.

I know, baby. She knew just by the tone in His voice, He did know, but she wondered why didn’t He do anything to prevent it. She knew Him well enough to know that He wouldn’t let her hurt in vain. He had never wasted any of her hurts before and she knew He wouldn’t start now. But didn’t it hurt Him to see her hurting, again…still?

“Did you know it was going to hurt this much?” She asked curious as to His response.

I did.

“So why did you let it all happen?”

So, we could get here.

“Where is here?”

Here is where no one would choose to be or pray to be. Here is where you hurt and I heal. Here is where you seek and are found. Here is where you ask and I answer.

“Well, can you blame anyone for not wanting to be here? I mean, it isn’t very exciting. It’s actually sad and depressing. What is so great about being here?”

You chose to be here with me. And baby girl, when you choose to stand with your Daddy even when here can be sad and depressing, it makes here a very great place!

Not fully understanding all He meant or how long it would be, she snuck her hand in His and chose to remain…here.


One thought on “Here

  1. Karen says:

    Thanks Jennifer. Even though things are so much better and the pain isn’t as intense as it once was, this was the perfect reminder that my pain is not wasted or in vain.
    This was the perfect start to my day, so I will take His hand again and continue to trust his path. Big Hugs!

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