The road was familiar to her; she had been here before. Not that long ago and here she was again. What a beautiful scenery; trees, mountains, volcanoes, amazing clouds. She had been here before, not that long ago, and yet it caught her breath like the very first time.

The drive to Zacapa was long, but not uncomfortable. She and her friend spent most of the 3 hour trip catching up on all that has happened the past 6 months; important stuff like who had gotten engaged, married, broken up. They talked about all that had changed in their own lives and how they have grown from it all. They both appreciated each other’s love for the Lord and, in a sad way, the singleness they both also now shared.

During the quiet moments, she would enjoy the scenery; reminiscing of the last time she had seen it and gave  thanks to the One who had allowed it all.

“I don’t know how I could have forgotten how amazing it is here. Was it this beautiful the last time I was here? Where the clouds this amazing?”

He laughed. I am glad you enjoy them. I love how every time you see them, it is like the first time.

“Really? It doesn’t bother you that I don’t remember being this enamored with clouds before?”

It’s okay because every time you come here, you experience the same rush of emotions.

“Does that mean something?”

Like what?

“Like I am meant to be here?”

For these 2 weeks…yes.

“How about forever?”

How about we just concentrate on these 2 weeks for now?

“Alright.” A slight pause…”How about a hint?”

With a hint of playfulness He answers her; Aren’t those clouds breathtaking?

“They are!” She said with a sigh of slight resignation, but just couldn’t help but agree! She had been here before and she knew she’d be here again!

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