My Sister

Six years older than me, it was my job to make my sister’s life as miserable as possible…and I’m sure she can attest to my high skills in this department. Flashback: I remember (although quite evil and I am regretful about it still), one Saturday morning while our parents went on their weekly trip to the grocery store, my brother, sister and I were horsing around and I ended up breaking a very expensive lamp…when my parents returned home, I cried and blamed my sister for it. My mother believed me and punished my sister. I don’t believe the truth was ever revealed while my mother was alive, but I’m sure she knows now! :/

Wherever my big sister went, I wanted to go! I would cry and whine to our mother until she made my sister take me with her. One of those places was youth group. I knew she had tons of friends there and they always had so much fun, I wanted to be part of it. I wanted to be with the big kids!! I was in middle school at this time and my sister was in high school. Because of other bratty younger siblings like myself, the youth minister decided to create a middle school youth group. I was finally part of my own group of friends and was having just as much fun as my sister was.

A few years later, when my mom was sick and dying, I was 14 and my sister was 20. My sister became like mom…

20+ years have passed since those days and I can only look back and see how my sister has always been with me. Even when I ran away to Florida and did not speak to her for over a year, she was with me.

She may not agree with the following statement, but my Savior and I know it is true; throughout my entire life I praise God for my sister’s protection. I praise God because my sister was the one who introduced me to my Savior and the Ultimate Protector, Healer and Comforter! I love you more than you will ever know, Lisi!!  Happy Birthday!!

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