December 1

It’s the 1st day of the last month of yet another year; December 1. It came so fast. I look back at this year and I see how You have sought me, courted me, dazzled me, completely swept me off my feet! As each day passed, I fell deeper and deeper in love with You. My heart beats faster just thinking of You!

You have been with me forever and yet, this year has been “the” year I truly learned to rest, to trust, to love! You have deepened my love for missions. My love for nursing. My love for Your people. My love for my son. My love for my future husband. And I guess most importantly my love for myself because You live in me; I am Your daughter, Your tabernacle.

You have used people, places and some drastic decisions to reveal Yourself and Your plan for my life. Each person, each location, each situation, You handcrafted for me! And I can’t praise You enough for taking such care in designing each moment just for me!

As another year draws closer to its end, I can’t hep but wonder what adventures we will have next year. But as exciting as that thought is, I know that those days are not promised, as tomorrow isn’t, so tonight, I will rest in Your arms and dream of the memories we have created…together!

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