Raising Boaz

My bestest friend in the whole world, Ana, who also happens to be my oldest friend (we have been friends for 32 years) sent me this great article on the story of Ruth. It addressed how Ruth’s love story with Boaz was about second chances and basically if God can give her an amazing man like Boaz, I can have one, too. The article was actually pretty great (you can read it here) and I was encouraged, but not in the manner I believe the author, nor Ana, intended!

As I read through the article, it stated an interesting fact (one I should’ve known or probably did know just never made the connection until now)…Boaz’s mother was Rahab (Matthew 1:5)! Rahab! You remember Rahab? The harlot woman who helped the Israelites when they went to spy on Jericho (Joshua 2, 6:22-25)? The prostitute that was referred to as “righteous” in James 2:25? Yeah, her! She raised Boaz!!! Does that not make you excited?? It makes me so excited because this another confirmation of His promises on my life, and it reassures me of the promises for Jake’s life! Oh my word!! He is so awesome!!

Rahab was a prostitute, yet, her one act to help God’s people catapulted her into Jesus’ lineage. Jesus’ lineage!! She, in the midst of her sin, recognized God and His people and was willing to help them…even if it risked hers and her family’s lives. Not only that, but she was a woman with an obvious rough life, yet she raised an amazing, successful and honorable man like Boaz. Do you see where I am going with this?? Can you see why I am so encouraged?

I know that God can do anything. I know that God has promised me great things. I even know that God can use anyone, including me. I know all of these things, but as of late, I have felt like I am beyond repair. I am being constantly reminded of how flawed and how far from perfect I am. I am reminded that my past and my upbringing isn’t what some would consider the best case scenario to raise a Godly man. Yet, because of God’s Word through the story of Rahab, I am reminded that despite my past and despite the current state of my heart as long as I recognize God and choose to participate in His works, He can and will use me…better than that, there is hope for Jake. If I choose to continue being obedient (no matter how difficult), Jake could actually become like (if not better than) Boaz! He could prove himself to be a godly “provider, a protector, an intercessor, a coverer and a redeemer”.

What a Great God we serve! He, not only chooses to redeem and restore us from our horrible choices, but He restores us so completely that our past is not  even slightly detected in our children!! Hallelujah! 

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