I am learning that life is a lot like an international flight with lots of layovers. Some layovers are longer than others and have more time to visit in the city you are in, but ultimately you know that none of them are your final destination; nor do you try to rush it because you know you have no control over the schedule. So you sit and wait (as patiently as possible) or make most of your time there…

If you have followed along with my blog,  you are well aware of how disconnected Jake and I felt when we returned to Florida from Guatemala. We didn’t feel like it was home anymore. When we walked into Calvary (our church) for the first time after being gone for 8 weeks, we felt lost and out-of-place. We didn’t feel like we belong, not only there, but anywhere. The feeling did not get better in the following few weeks. Jake and I both felt it was a sure sign we needed to move to Alabama, which we did!

That was 2 months ago and everyday God reassures us that we made the right decision!!

Even though everything is going great in Thomasville, we wanted to go back to Florida for a few days. So, this past weekend Jake and I headed to Florida for a long weekend. We headed down on Friday and returned on Monday.

I have to say that it did not feel like the same place we had left or maybe we weren’t the same. Either way, it had this feeling of home again! Jake spent the weekend with his dad and siblings and I stayed with a friend. We got to see friends and enjoy the convenience and accessibility to malls, theaters and restaurants…luxuries we don’t have living in a small town. Church on Sunday was great! I got to enjoy a contemporary service with my favorite Pastor and drums! Jake and I attend a small traditional church in Thomasville, so I was dancing and praising my heart out!

Although Florida is home again, Jake and I both know that we currently belong in Thomasville. We both have this certainty that we are right where we need to be in order to get to where God wants us to be in the future…just another layover, I guess. However, unlike a normal layover we are not sure when our next flight will be or if this will be our last layover. So, we will enjoy our time here and wait on the Great Pilot let us know when it is time to board for the next leg!

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