It Takes a Village…

One of the benefits of living in a small town is having the support of so many people, with the same Christian values as I do, to help me with Jake…

Jake is a great kid! He is sweet and kind-hearted, but he also thirteen. His parents were divorced when he was two years old and has been raised by a mother who has no prior experience of raising a godly man…I should not only have a college fund for him, but also a fund for all the therapy he will need. ūüôā

I have for years prayed for a godly man to take Jake under his¬†wing and nurture him, but¬†it’s been¬†hard to find that. Now, Jake doesn’t only have a man, but a church full of them and not only older men, but also young men who have been raised to seek God and bring their younger brothers up in the Lord on the same path. His friends at school are his friends from church and have even encouraged Jake to bring his Bible to school!! We are truly Blessed!

In addition to the church full of men, Jake is now living with 3 parents instead of just 1. I think he found this to be fun in the beginning, but is now realizing there are three times as many people (in the same household) holding him accountable. He now has to answer to Mother (me), Mom (Brandi) and Diddy (Michael). Yes, I do, have the final say, but since the house belongs to Michael and Brandi, they have every right to make/enforce house rules and assign punishment when needed. Plus, I have never been the type of person who rejected any help, encouragement or constructive criticism that would help me be a better mother and Jake a better man. (I do have to say though, that overall, the 4 of us get along great and laugh a WHOLE LOT!)

I will be the first to admit that I am not the perfect parent. Along with the many great things I have instilled in Jake, I have also allowed and passed along plenty of not so great things. But this is just another area that the Lord is working on and I thank Him everyday for His faithfulness. Another reason I love Thomasville? Because I knew it took a village to raise a godly child, but I am learning it also takes a village to raise a godly mother!

Father God, may I never be at a place where I am not teachable! May I always seek You, Your Truth and Your will for my life…even if requires some changes and/or sacrifices on my part!

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