Daddy Knows Best

Less than a month from our return to the States from our summer adventure in Guatemala, Jake and I moved to Thomasville, Alabama. There are many reasons I can say why we moved to Thomasville, but the biggest and most important reason is because it was where the Lord wanted us and He is confirming it with every day we are here.

We arrived in Thomasville on Friday, August 31. I can’t believe it has only been 13 days and we have accomplished so much. Jake and I are living with my kindred spirit which I met in Guatemala, Brandi, and her awesome husband, Michael. The Saturday after we arrived, Jake went on a trip to Six Flags in Atlanta with the youth group of our new church, Thomasville Baptist and I had a job interview…Note: My prayer for a long time has been to be a home health aide because I prefer caring for people on a one on one basis versus the 20+ patients in a hospital or nursing home enviroment. I specifically prayed for the opportunity to work for a single family.

The interview I had was to be a caregiver for an elderly couple who has been homebound for about 3 years.  In addition to that job, I also had a job offer from a nursing home and a potential clerical job. If you haven’t noticed that is 3 job opportunities in 1 week in a town I had never been to or even heard of less than 2 months prior.

I began working for Mr. John and Ms. Elsie Merle this past Sunday. Mr. John is 88 and Ms. Elsie Merle turned 87 yesterday. They are the sweetest couple and have embraced both Jake and I as part of their family. I praise God for allowing me to care for them and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. God is so good!!

My cell phone service does not work here and Brandi and Michael do not have internet access at their home, so our contact with everyone outside of Thomasville has been limited. Every time I have the chance to get online, a storm has prevented me from it or my laptop was low on battery. I think God is trying to tell me something!

The past 13 days have only been a continuance of how the Lord has been so faithful to us!! Just from the time I have begun to blog, He has proven Himself time after time. So, as He continues to reveal Himself and His plan for us, we will try everyday to walk in obedience no matter what He has in store, because even if it is not what we would choose for us, He knows best!

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