A Man in the Making

You walk more confidently. Your prayers are more intentional and heartfelt. You speak of God and hear Him when He speaks to you. I was hoping I could go back to sleep after dropping you off at school this morning, but I just couldn’t stop thinking of the young man you are becoming right before my eyes.

I give Glory to Your Father for the growth you have made in the past 2 months. Yes, they have been huge and instrumental, but you wouldn’t be where you are today if it wasn’t for the steps in obedience you have taken thus far. Your first step was when you felt Him tug your heart at the age of 10 and you chose to surrender your heart to him. That first step was the easiest.  The struggles of being a teenager and the son of a single mother have been hard; you have stumbled and fallen short, but your heart has remained faithful and honoring to your parents.

I hope you know much I love you and will always strive to be the best mother I can to you, but I pray that you do not lean on me, for I am imperfect and will fail you more often than I would want to even think of. But your Father…your Dad, will ALWAYS be there for you!! He will NEVER fail you! He has such a perfect plan for you and as long as you continue to pursue Him and listen for His voice, you will not go wrong.

As you walk in obedience and continue to flesh out His calling on your life, do not look back or even to your sides. There will be people who will question what you have heard. People who will doubt your abilities and your character for such a calling, but remain strong in the Truth you have heard and in the One who has spoken it to you! Remain strong in His Word, which is the only way you will be able to proceed as He has willed for you! Your Father and I couldn’t be more proud of you! We love you!

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