Walking Softly

No step laid down by Him is ever laid in vain. He has  a purpose for every step, therefore, every step should be taken intentionally and carefully!

I learned from the potential move to Guatemala that I need to solely rely on the Lord to guide my steps. Running ahead and making my own plans will only prolong everything. Plus, if I am running, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery He placed before me or see how He has carefully crafted each step to not only bring me comfort and peace, but also to bring Him glory. On the other hand, if I sit and wait for Him to do something, I may lose the opportunity to share with Him in the journey or possibly lose the opportunity all together.

It has been a week since Jake and I got back to Florida and the sentiments of my last post still ring true; we do not feel like we are “home” yet. Feelings of disconnect and discomfort are often common for people who have gone on an international mission trip. Even a week away can give you feelings of disconnect and discomfort when you return. So, being away for 2 months and having these feelings can easily be explained. However, this feels slightly different from all of that. It feels like ties are being cut.

As most of you know, Jake and I met an amazing team from Thomasville Baptist Church (and 2 other AL churches) while in Guatemala. The ties and connections we made with them can only be explained by saying it was a God thing. Ever since that week, both Jake and I have felt like the Lord was leading us to Thomasville.

The decision is not definite nor is being made lightly so as I continue to pray over this decision, I find myself walking softly, not running or sitting still, but allowing God to orchestrate it all. For the first time ever, Jake and I are both in agreement and are ready to go wherever the Lord leads…afterall, our bags are still packed! 🙂

Jake and I will be visiting Thomasville, AL for Labor Day weekend. Jake will get to go to Six Flags with the Thomasville Baptist Church youth group, while I spend some time in fellowship and prayer.

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