I am continually amazed at how God can change hearts in a short amount of time. Yet, if He wanted to, He could change anyone in a second. I am glad He chooses the slower route, so He can walk with us!

We have been back for about 5 days and although our surroundings are familiar, nothing feels like home. We are still living out of suitcases and living in someone else’s home. We are so appreciative of the encouragement, support and prayers we have received. We are so grateful for the welcome back gifts that will definitely help us as we seek God in our next steps.

I have learned not to doubt Him (as much) or His plans for us, but I wonder when will we be home? To the home He has for Jake and I. To the home He has been holding and keeping for us.

I keep thinking so many things have changed, but really it has been us who have been changed! 

One thought on ““Home”

  1. Lori Tamulonis says:

    Hola Hermana,
    Amen! He has done some amazing things in your life over these past two months and I am so anxious to hear about it!!! I’m so proud of you. You have gone through so much yet have stayed true to our Savior. You have allowed Him to guide you, lead you and love you. You are courageous and I’m so proud to call myself tu Hermana.

    I want you to know that I am here for you (and Jake) during this transitional period. I pray for you continually and have absolute FAITH that GOD knows exactly where you will land – He is SO GOOD! Your transformation continues to be apparent in your posts, words, thoughts, emotions and overall commitment in and to the Lord. You continue to “wow me” love. I cannot wait to see what you have to teach me ☺

    Let me know where we are meeting tomorrow, what time, if you want me to meet you at the church, drive together, etc.?

    Love you! I’m so glad you are home!



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