Mi Zacapa – Day 55

The shower was always freezing. The days were always scorching. The A/C was lacking. But leaving Zacapa this morning was so hard. I could barely keep my composure as we drove out of the city that has been our home for 2 months. I have been so consumed with what is to come when we arrive in Florida on Wednesday, I wasn’t prepared for the emotions that always rush over me when I prepare to leave Guatemala.

God has been so gracious to us and has shown us so much during the past 2 months. He continues to reveal His work in us even in days that, to me, should be uneventful. For example, showing me that I still continue to plan when I should know better by now. He has also shown me the characteristics He wishes to develop and those He wishes to reshape in me. And how to appreciate and place Jake as the priority in my life that He needs to be.

We are now in Guatemala City for the next few days until we fly out on Wednesday afternoon, so it just means I will have another day of heartbreak as I once again leave this beautiful country. When I left this past November, I knew I would be coming back and the estimated time frame of that return, but this time I am not sure. I know the Lord has more work for me here and I know the relationships I have built this time will only flourish as the others in past trips have. God still has plenty of work to do in our lives; the next few weeks and months will determine alot. I just pray wherever He leads, Zacapa isn’t too far away!

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