“She’s my wife” – Day 41

Soft spoken unless he is preaching the Word of God. Soft tempered unless his family or his God are being threatened. Always kind! Always sweet!

He came home after a long (and surely hot) day. A dozen pink roses in tow for his bride of 27 years. It wasn’t their anniversary or some special occasion; he wasn’t even in trouble. He bought them just because…

“She’s my wife” he cried out in his broken English. The pride in his voice made all the girls’ heart skip a beat. Where can I find one like that?, they all wondered. Are they still made with that same mold? Short in stature, but his heart the size of a giant.

As I often do, I prayed for my husband. Although I am not sure who he is quite yet, I can still pray for his heart. Last night I asked the Lord to fill his heart with love for me. Not because I need it, but because Jake needs it. Because my future children need it…and really because He commanded it.

We (I) tend to be jaded and lose hope that men like Ronny (Debora’s dad) even exist. We believe that even if they do exist, they don’t exist in our generation. That is a lie from the enemy! The very same God who made Ronny, made every other man, so every other man has the potential to be just as (if not more) loving and caring!

I’m not raising Ronny as an idol because he is fully human and has his flaws. He sins and fails like the rest of us; living in the same house for almost 2 months has allowed me to see that.  But knowing my heart, the Lord gave me such an example to remind me that the faith I had lost in men, was a loss of faith in Him. Just because men like Ronny are not the norm, it does not mean they are extinct.

So, I will be the first to apologize to my father, my brother, my son, and every other man in my life for losing faith, not in you, but in God. And I commit to you my prayer and my encouragement so that you may love as Christ loved!!

Side note: I am continuously amazed at the lessons the Lord is teaching me. Lessons I never knew I lacked, but He did! I praise Him for knowing my heart and knowing that I needed to be away from “it” all, so I would be able to hear Him clearly! All Glory, Honor and Praise to the Lover of my heart!!

One thought on ““She’s my wife” – Day 41

  1. Ana says:

    That was very beautiful. I know what you mean about believing there are men out there this day and age. Another way to think about it also is that God (our groom) always gives us outstanding presents just because. Maybe one day you will find yourself in a beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers, or catch a wonderful rainbow after the rain, or surprisingly get stuck in traffic and end up having an unplanned dialogue with him. Just a thought. xoxoxoxox

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