Day 25

I have no idea what to write. I keep wanting to be inspirational and deep, but I got nothing…

This week has been uneventful. Tuesday afternoon, what I thought was an allergic reaction to playing with kittens, turned into a cold that kept me home from school on Wednesday. I made it to school yesterday. Thursdays are my lightest days ; I have only have 3 classes. We had our weekly devotion/chapel which ran over and brought down my 3 classes to 2. And still not feeling well, those 2 classes were not eventful either.

Today, was a teacher work day so I got another day of rest at home. Our evenings have been uneventful with the exception of the occasional trip to the local market which is always an adventure!! No plans for the weekend and besides a possible trip to the Guatemala city next week, nothing planned for next week either.

There have been many lessons learned on this trip. None of which I had expected, of course. Most of mine have been in regards to my walk with Him and His design for my life as a Godly woman and mother. For Jake, I know things have been stirred in his heart, but those are things that I don’t even know about and maybe never will.

What we often have planned is not what He has planned and instead of being disappointed, I am learning to be grateful because His ways are always much better no matter how great we things ours to be!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

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