Free to Dance – Day 16

She stood mesmerized by the lightning storm that filled the night sky. No rain. No streetlights. No car lights. Just lightning. Flashing continuously without a care. No rhythm. Just flashes of light.

As she gazed out, she felt His strong and warm arms pull her close to Him from behind. She loved His embrace. The lightning storm seemed brighter, stronger. Slightly more frightened, she drew deeper into His arms.

You seem so far away. More distant with each flash of lightning. Are you okay?

“I wonder if I could ever be as free as lightning? Free to dance wherever I pleased. Filling the dark sky with my brightness without a care of who I would disturb.” She replied.

The things that flow from that sweet mind of yours. So unique. Do you know that is why I love you?

She couldn’t see His face, but she could feel His smile through His words. She let out a small giggle and said, “only You could!’

You still believe that?

She didn’t reply. Both still amazed by the light show on display, He continued.

Your heart was never whole. The pain you are now feeling are the cracks being filled. The love you never felt, you are now feeling. The loss you never knew is now real. It was never my intention to hurt you.

But she was hurt…a strong ray of light flashed, filling the sky and penetrating her heart.

You may have held on too tight this time, but you will learn to hold with a looser grip. 

He could feel her trying to pull away, but He had to let her know how much He loved her.

Only I know the pain and scars you carry. I know it makes it difficult to trust, but you can trust Me.

Once He felt her struggle lessen, He pulled her close once again.

You can trust Me. Believe Me. I will never allow anything that would tear you down. Even if it hurts horribly, you will grow from it.

You question my motives, but I see the larger picture and the war down the road. The battles you will fight, will require you to fully trust in Me. You will need a full armor of what only I can give. Your life is a constant battle, but you are one of the few I can trust to handle such things.

I see your strength and perseverance. You are far better than you were yesterday. And tomorrow you will be better than you were today. Lean on Me. Trust in Me. Love on Me, but most importantly, let Me love on you! Be free to receive. Be free to let go. Be free in all you do…knowing if the joys of today are not the joys of tomorrow, it does not make them less joyful. There are new joys everyday!

Protect your heart, sweet one. The actions of today may prolong unnecessary pain. Pain I only intended for a short while. Please don’t extend it any longer than it needs to be. You know what to do to guard your heart. Just trust your heart because I live there. I will give you the wisdom you need. Just remain in Me and I will remain in you.

She no longer felt His arms around her, but she knew He hadn’t left her. She continued to stare at the flashing night sky. Now smiling because somehow she knew, the lightning wished it was as free to dance and to shine as bright as her heart did tonight!

3 thoughts on “Free to Dance – Day 16

  1. Darlene says:

    I see things are looking up and all is well. Great story for all of us.Here’s a word of encouragement to go with your story from Marilyn Meberg one of my favorite aurthor’s. “I’m not meant to understand it all. If I did, trust would not be necessary. Understanding would be all I need, but trust us what God needs.” Have a great night and a blessed tomorrow.


    • JennSan says:

      Amen! Thank you, Darlene!! God is so good!! His promises are great and His embrace is even better. Leaning on Him and His peace is all I seek to do!

  2. Ana says:

    Beautiful! I am glad to hear that you are seeing things with different eyes and that God gad changed your perspective on things!! I will have to share your post, ok. Love yah And keep them coming!!

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