Wow! 1 Week Down!

Can you believe it has been 1 week since we got to Guatemala? I keep thinking that even though Jake and I are still quite homesick and miss the comforts of home…namely A/C (It is so stinkin’ hot here! I thought Jake was going to pass out from heat stroke today!), before we know it, we will be back home amazed how fast the time went!!!

While on the topic of Jake…the word for today is LOVESICK!! Not Jake, but most of the girls in 7th and 8th grade! He actually has a following…more like groupies! There are a group of girls who are dying for him to go into their class (7th grade), but Jake is enjoying being with the 6th graders and doesn’t like all that attention from the girls. Now, I am not blind and dumb to think he doesn’t enjoy it a little, but for the most part, it annoys him how hovering they are. I must also mention how much it is bothering me!

I know my boy is cute! He knows he is cute! But when all these girls are like continue to “just so happen” to walk by his class several times a day,  ask me during my lesson why he doesn’t wan to be in his own grade and hover outside the office while we are waiting for Ms. Lucita to leave, it gets quite annoying!!

In my 7th grade class today (which by the way, went SUPER great considering they were the ones I was dreading going back to), I had to clarify to these particular girls that my boy (nor I) are interested in him finding a girlfriend nor being distracted my any of “their kind”. Yes, I said “their kind”! They were all quite shocked and said that I was super jealous! I made it clear he is my baby and only the one the Lord has for him will be good enough…no, not even her!! I hope I made myself clear! Now, being home, I find it so funny how upset it made me…I feel SO BAD for the girl he brings home to meet me!!

Okay, prayer request time…

1. Girls: that they STOP hovering over my boy or they will have to answer to me!

2. Me: That I don’t kill any little girls.

3. Jake: That all of the attention from these girls will not go to his head and He continues to lean on the Lord. He is not as expressive as I am when it comes to the Lord, so I don’t know if there are any changes and/or breakthroughs happening.

One thought on “Wow! 1 Week Down!

  1. Melanie says:

    Jen. It sounds like you are doing great and enjoying it there. Praying for you and Jake, that God would continue to grow both of you and use you to be a light and encouragement to those you come in contact with. ~ Melanie

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