1 week to go

A week from today, we will be in Guatemala. “Are we ready?” you ask. Are we ever fully ready when following the Lord? We make our lists and do as much as we can. We feel that all our efforts are “helping”, but does the Lord honestly need our help? Um, No!

Yes, we are asked to participate in His plans, but we are not always privy to all of the details. I continue to make preparations as  much as I can, but being that we are only a week away from departure, I have to understand and accept that not everything will get done. I do thank God and those who He has used for the provisions He has given us thus far, but does that stop me from being an impatient control freak?? Um, No!

The most difficult part of getting ready to go, is that life here is still happening. For example, I needed to get 2 new tires this past weekend when it was clearly not part of the budget, but it was something that needed to be taken care of immediately. As things like this pop up, I am starting to see more clearly that when we choose to follow the Lord or believe we have a clear direction, obstacles and distractions often tend to randomly appear.

The loose ends and random things are, admittedly, becoming more and more overwhelming. I am trying to be aware of those feelings and make a conscious decision to focus on the Lord and the honor of being chosen to serve Him in Guatemala. There is so much to be done and I will do everything in my “controlling” power to get it all done, but I am so looking forward to getting on that plane on Tuesday!

Please keep us in your prayers! An update on our status is below:

  1. Airline Tickets (June 12-August 8): COMPLETE
  2. Mission Travel Insurance: COMPLETE
  3. Tag Renewal: COMPLETE
  4. Electricity: Shut off SCHEDULED
  5. Transitional Home: From June 9-June 12: COMPLETE
  6. Mail: Hold/Forward Delivery: COMPLETE
  7. Car Insurance: Pay for 3 months: COMPLETE
  8. New Apartment for return: Found a high prospect. Praying for direction.
  9. Storage Unit:
    • Find a storage COMPLETE
    • Pack up my apartment
      • Get boxes COMPLETE
      • Sort through what needs to go to storage, to Guatemala, or Goodwill IN PROGRESS
    • Move items from apartment to storage
      • Truck
      • Muscles
  10. Pack  and buy supplies for Guatemala
    • Toiletries
    • Teaching supplies
    • Non-perishable food items
    • Clothes for an ever- growing boy
  11. Cell Phone: Pay for 3 months
  12. Create a Living Will and  a Last Will
  13. New Job: Apply or plant seeds for full-time CNA upon return
  14. Transitional Home upon return: August 8 – until new apartment established

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