15-20 minutes tops!

Ever been waiting for your Honey to finish up something; they tell you it will be only a few more minutes and it ends up being another hour or 2? Plans you had don’t happen because the task was a little more complicated than anticipated? Welcome to my world…The world of dating a church techy!

There have been a couple of times, when I have been anticipating a date night and it doesn’t happen because the service prep time took longer than expected. I was more disappointed than upset because I know Brian always wants to exceed expectations. After Friday, I have also grown to understand my man a little better and appreciate him and his work.

Friday night, there was a night of worship fundraiser for a Haiti Mission Trip friends of ours from Calvary are going on. It was held at Brian’s church. I normally run the lyrics for our Tuesday night worship so I volunteered to also run the lyrics for the night of worship. Since I am currently not working, I spent the day with Brian loading the lyrics while he programmed the lights and set the stage.

Being that I have only needed to load about 3 or 4 songs at a time, loading 20+ songs with different backgrounds to match the song’s tempo, was an all day task. However, my job was cake compared to all Brian had to do. There were only 2 bands that performed, but making sure all of the instruments and the equipment was set so everything sounded and looked great was…well, let’s just say that seeing the amazing end result, really made me proud to have such a skilled boyfriend.

Watching him enjoy his job so much made me realize that so many of us don’t have the privilege to actually enjoy and want to excel at our jobs. We don’t have the kid in a candy store look like Brian does when he is getting ready for or running an event. Sometimes, attaining that dream job takes time. We often may feel discouraged by all the obstacles that seem to be pointing us away from it, but one thing we can be certain of is that if we delight in the Lord (especially when serving Him and His people), He will give us the desires of our heart!

My prayer is that we, as often as we can, step into the world of our loved ones, so we can become more sensitive to them and be a little more understanding when “15-20 minutes” turns into an hour! I am learning so much from my Honey…namely patience! 🙂

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