My Champion

As I started surrounding myself with other missionaries to get a better idea of how to make a trip to Guatemala possible, the first thing they suggested I get was a Champion…Someone who would walk alongside me the whole way, doing whatever was necessary to keep me on task and on the path God lays out. I was not familiar with this term, but when they explained it, only one person came to mind.

When I asked my dear friend, Jenny, to be my Champion her response was that she wanted to pray about it because she wanted to make sure it was something she could commit to wholeheartedly…now what better answer could I have gotten than that? After about a week or so, she let me know that she would do it. It was a great relief to me because I, honestly, didn’t have a back up plan!

I can’t explain to you what an amazing Champion she has been to me. The bond we have developed over the last few months has been incredible. I am truly Blessed to have such a Godly woman walking this journey with me! She has gone above and beyond what I envisioned. She has become one of the key people I turn to when anything crosses my path, whether with work, as a mom, relationships, and of course, the trip to Guatemala. She is such an encouragement to me on my journey with the Lord. She is a true friend who laughs with me and offers me a shoulder to cry on. She is my prayer warrior: I know she will pray for me when I ask her to (and even when I don’t).

What amazes me the most about Jenny is that she has an extremely busy life, but yet is always there for me and makes me feel like the things I have to say have meaning. She, in more ways than one, has been Christ to me! I love you dearly, Jenny Dunlap! Thank you for being my Champion!

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