True Love Waits

When I was 15, I made a commitment I wasn’t able to keep. I (along with a few friends)  stood in front of my church family and made a commitment to remain abstinent until my wedding day. The commitment I made was real and I had every intention of keeping it, but less than 6 years later, I fell short of that commitment…Jake was 8 months old when I married his dad. Just a couple of years after that, I was divorced and continued living the life of a broken commitment.

Looking back now, I know how God has used all of my choices (even the poor ones) to further His Kingdom, but I can’t help but wonder how wonderful it would’ve been to have saved myself until the “one” came along. How different would my life have been? The baggage load would have definitely been lighter, that’s for sure!

I can sit and wallow in the shoulda, coulda of my life, but I know better than that! I do want to encourage those who have committed to abstinence to hold strong, hold fast and be confident that Blessing the Lord will give you for your obedience will be far better than anything you could ever imagine!

Each time we allow ourselves to be in a relationship not ordained by God, we break off a piece of our heart. So, the more we give ourselves to another (not only physically, but also emotionally), the more we rob the one who the Lord intended specifically for us. I am not completely against dating, but I am against given our heart away to anyone who shows a bit of interest.

I once heard we are to keep our heart in a jar in the very top shelf so it isn’t easily accessible to any bargain shopper. There might be a few who will make the attempt, but only one will actually be able to safely reach it! So, wait, Dear one! Wait!!!

If you are interested in the True Love Waits commitment, please click here for more details.

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