Follow You into the World…

In the summer of 2010, I returned from my first trip to Guatemala excited and knowing that is where the Lord was calling Jake and I to be. My first 2 trips to Guatemala were spent in the city of Zacapa. The friendships I developed there are ones that are still very dear to me! It is where I felt the Lord calling me to serve.

I initially thought it would be smarter to spend a summer in Guatemala and then, if all went well, Jake and I would move there. Well, as time went on, I got in the way and started making my own plans. Zacapa became Guatemala City and a summer became a year. I continued on this path and the Lord was with me the entire way. He even Blessed the fundraisers I had and softened hearts to financially sponsor us.

When I went to Guatemala this past November, I met some amazing people and really felt like the Lord was confirming that is where we needed to be. Our plan was to move in February of this year (as in last month), but during that trip, I felt like it would be best for us to move in June when Jake finished his school year instead. This was a great direction because it allowed me the opportunity to speak at church about something very near to my heart; abortion. I was also to facilitate my third Post-Abortion Bible Study, which we are in the middle of now.

I have also had the Blessing of beginning a relationship with my wonderful boyfriend, Brian, who not only has shown me how much God truly loves me, but also encourages me to be the Godly women I was created to be even if it is serving in Guatemala.

As often happens with huge plans like this, plans have changed, but it so happens, the change of plans actually brought Jake and I back to the beginning, to the original vision I had….

As of today, Jake and I will be flying out on June 12 and returning on August 8. We will be staying in Zacapa, with a dear friend and her family. I will be teaching English at the school where her mom is the principal, Colegio Evangelico Elim. There are no specific plans for Jake as of yet, but he could very well be my aide in teaching the students English. I pray this will also help his Spanish dramatically.

Although a short time period, when we return, things will be different. We will be looking for a new place to live as we will be giving up our apartment at Shepherd’s Village. This will allow another single parent family to benefit from the beautiful apartment we have been Blessed with since mid 2009. In addition, I will also be looking for a job; my current position is a temporary assignment and will end in late May. This leaves a huge prayer request for when we return in August. This is where you can “join” us!

In addition to your prayers, we prayerfully ask you to consider financially supporting us. Your prayers and financial support will help us with the following:

Guatemala Summer Expenses:

  • U.S. Storage for Household Items (2-4 months): $135/month
  • Airline Tickets (already purchased): $1,200
  • Missionary Medical Insurance: $260 60-day family plan
  • Meals: $2,500
  • Transportation: $500

Transitional Cost Back to U.S.:

  • Housing Placement
  • Job Placement
  • Living Expenses (i.e. rent, utilities, gas, car insurance, meals, etc.): $6,000

*Please note all bold line items are actual costs. Non-bold items are estimated costs.

Thank you all so much for your constant prayer and encouragement!!

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