Gotta be honest…

The week before last I was really struggling because I felt like the move to Guatemala wasn’t moving as I thought it should be. I felt like the plans and funds were not just falling into place. During one of my morning devotionals, I asked the Lord to speak to me; to please let me know what was going on…when you ask the Lord to speak, be very careful because He just may say something you weren’t expecting or even didn’t want to hear.

Jake’s attitude and grades have been slipping lately and anything I did or said just made it worse. The fighting between us was escalating so much we were having a hard time saying anything without it becoming an argument. I figured it was the difficulty of having a teenager and the hormones raging within him.

In addition to all of this I was feeling like the lack of progress on our move was a sign of some sort. On the morning I asked the Lord for direction, I knew He was telling me that although the plans I had made were good, they were not His. That morning, I didn’t get a clear answer as what to do, just that what I was doing was in line with His will. So, I prayed and I asked for counsel and prayer from people whom I knew would be supportive, encouraging and honest.

The consensus was the same…I should consider only going to Guatemala for the summer. Most said that mission boards are very firm on not allowing teens in the field. They believe it never works and can ruin the testimony of the missionaries on the ground in that country if the teen reacts poorly. This was not what I wanted to hear. I was planning on going for a year, but I guess that is where my planning took over and I did not consider what God has planned.

I shared the news with Jake and his immediate reaction was non-reactive, but as the week goes on, I can see a change in his attitude. He seems less angry, nicer, like a load has been lifted from him. He seems relieved in some sort. Albeit, his grades still need some improving, but I pray that will come.

This obviously changes things: Prior to leaving in June, I will have to put all of my stuff in storage and possibly line up a place to live and a job for when we return in August. Things I wasn’t planning on doing this soon, but I know if it is God’s will, it will be okay.

I ask that you keep Jake and I in your prayers. Specifically, for Jake to improve his grades and attitude and for me to continue to walk on the path Lord has for us, not the one I lay out. Please pray that we seek Him FIRST in all we do!!

Thank you all for your encouragement and support!!

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