Game Changers

I have scars! Some you can see, some you can’t. Some I will let you see, some I don’t even want to see myself, but no matter what, they will always be there. No matter how much I try to overlook them, at some point, someone will ask and I will have to retell how that scar came to be.

There are some scars, that I can tell the story over and over again. Despite the pain associated with the scar, I find joy in telling the story. Other scars, which I thought had faded and become unseen to the naked eye, are still quite visible to some and in reality quite difficult to retell even if I have fully dealt with them.

This is the part where I tell you that Jesus’ blood has covered all of my sins and if I have truly repented and given my sin to Him, I have been forgiven and He has chosen to forget them. As much as I do believe that, my issue isn’t with God and His forgiveness. My issue isn’t even with my scars and whether they are seen or not. My issue is with the devil and the lies he places in people’s heads when they see my scars.  How do I not just say “it’s their loss” and move on?

I have friends and loved ones who encourage me by saying “once people get to know you, they will not see the scars anymore” or “it doesn’t matter what they see, only what God sees.” All good and very valid points, but what happens when those scars sever relationships that were once very strong or prevent future relationships from developing?

How do I help them see my battle scars not only as reminders of what I have done, but how far my Savior has brought me? How no matter how bruised and scarred I am, I am beautiful and blameless in His eyes? How His Blood covers ALL sin and what they consider to be deal breakers have, in fact, become game changers in His eyes?

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