What I have been praying for!

Consuming love. The kind of love that is overpowering. Sometimes you can’t even breathe, but yet you want more. You don’t want it to end. “Don’t go! Just one more moment!” We plea! “Just stay with me a few more minutes, Please?”

We know that this consuming feeling is fleeing because of our humanness, so we try to hold on to every moment. The sun shines brighter, the birds sing more beautifully, colors are more vibrant and the breeze is just…relaxing! “Can I just be in Your arms for one more moment? I never want You to let me go!”

I’ve prayed for this love. To feel like this. Jealous of others who had it. So, jealous I felt “less than” because I didn’t have it. But You have been there, waiting…calling, hoping for me to notice You. To fall madly, deeply, wholly! To not only, enjoy the gifts, but to enjoy the Giver!

My veil has been lifted! I see my Groom and I am eager to be His…fully, completely! I know I don’t deserve any of this, but yet I stand on my tiptoes, yelling, craving “Is there more than this?” And my Groom, my Savior, my Lord says “Oh, yes, my love! There is more!”

One thought on “What I have been praying for!

  1. Jenny says:

    Read this post a few days ago when you wrote it, but it’s been ever-present in my thoughts today. The perfect response – a love letter to Jesus. Today, when so many are going to try to pursue the perfect demonstration of love to someone, God is drawing me back to this sweet love letter you have written to your Savior. I want this to be my words, too. Lord, Jesus… to love You back even just a fraction of how deeply You love me….

    Thanks, Jenn!

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