ALL Things…

It has been an amazing couple of weeks! I have been feeling God’s loving mercy and grace in so many ways…sometimes not even directly in my life. We often (if we are wise) praise God because we see Him in our own lives, but how often do we praise Him for the work He is doing in the lives of the people around us?

We can see the hand of God all around us, in all things, in everyone, if we just look for Him. Ever praise God for your friend who is getting married (even though you may not be there yet)? Or praise God for the friend who called because their mother was in an accident and she only got a broken nose and fractured knee? Or praise Him for the unimaginable, undeserved affection you receive from someone who just recently came into your life? I, unfortunately, normally don’t, but today I choose to. I choose to love, adore and praise my God for all the things He chooses to reveal to me about Himself through my friends!

I have been Blessed in my life many times over, but through my friends is when the Lord shows off!! Thank you all for being Jesus to me!! I love you all so dearly!!

One thought on “ALL Things…

  1. Jenny says:

    wow! Jenn! This is an awesome thought!! “…but how often do we praise Him for the work He is doing in the lives of the people around us?”

    This challenges me that even if I’m in a rut and blinded to the blessings He’s pouring on me (’cause I’m pretty sure He always is), then I can just begin to praise Him for what He’s doing in the lives of my friends!

    (P.S. I told you I was going to straight to the computer to read your blog all night!! haha!)

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