I could sing of His love forever!

Sometimes words cannot explain it…sometimes all you can do is cry! Have you ever really thought about how much He loves you? That despite our constant denying who He is and who we are in Him, He continues to Be. He continues to be Love! Pure, overwhelming, feel His hand on your heart Love! I was there today….

I was at work and out of the blue, I get love notes from my Savior! Reminding me how much He loves me, how He is with me. I could literally feel Him loving my heart! I was so overwhelmed by it, I had a constant flow of tears for some time. (Luckily, I don’t work in a large office.) The notes were coming via friends, but I knew the words were from God Himself. The Sovereign Creator chose to woo me this morning and, boy, was I like putty in His hands!

Unfortunately, the overwhelming feeling of love soon faded and I continued on my day. I wish I could be in that moment again, but I understand that I could never be fully in that moment as long as I am here on Earth! Although we are His children and have full access to Him, our humanness limits how much we can access at a time!

I shared this feeling with a friend and we began to discuss how unimaginable His love for us truly is. If we actually knew at all times what it was to feel His overwhelming love, we wouldn’t be able to function…all we could do would be to sing “Holy, Holy Holy!” as the angels in Isaiah did.

I cannot be back in that moment, but the memory of it is so strong, I pray I never forget it and get to experience it again! Thank you, Lord!

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