Not of me, but He who lives in me!

I can’t share how amazing it feels to know I am worthless and I can’t do anything. It is great knowing that whatever task is placed in front me, I will completely mess it up. Most people tell us that we have to believe in ourselves. We need to believe that “we can”!

The enemy reminds us day in and day out what failures we are; how we are just good for nothing; that our mistakes and our past will never allow us to be seen as anything more than mediocre. And if you sit and think about it, as much as you want to believe he is lying, he isn’t!

I have learned that until I realize I am what the enemy and people tell I am, only then will I truly realize how much I need Jesus! How much I need to fully rely on Him for guidance, protection and purpose. I am nothing without Christ living in me. I am prone to mistakes and failure, but my Savior is not!

This weekend has already been so amazing! Yesterday, I got to spend time with some girlfriends. It started up as a fundraiser, and ended up being a hair salon! Gotta love it when girls get together! As fabulous as last night was, I can’t even begin to imagine what the rest of the weekend holds!

Tomorrow is the 39th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Many of you know my story and know I feel called to help others find the restoration I have found in Christ. I feel the Lord calling me to blow the door down on the subject of abortion…and it begins this weekend at my church, Calvary Baptist!

With the support and encouragement of my Pastor, he and I will speak candidly about abortion…during his sermon. We will also have a table set up with more information on the study I lead, Surrendering the Secret, and details how to begin the journey towards healing and forgiveness that we can only find through Christ!

I am not worthy of this calling. I am not worthy to be used as the voice of the many children that are with Jesus because of our poor choices, but I can say the Lord has called me to this and only through Him who lives and strengthens me, can I be a light in the darkness of abortion!

I invite you all to attend any of our 3 services: Saturday 6:30pm, Sunday 9:15am and 11:00am, 110 North McMullen Booth Road, Clearwater, FL 33759. Also, please keep  in your prayers those who will hear this message. My prayer is that seeds will be planted, watered or given the strength to break through the ground as we “surrender our secret”!

We will be starting a new Surrendering the Secret study in February. If you are interested in joining or finding out more information, please contact me at 727-687-4693 or at


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