Knight in Shining Armor

This has been a difficult weekend. I have been deceived by the enemy when it comes to friendships and I can honestly say, I didn’t see it coming. However, like my Knight in shining armor that He is, the Lord came on his white horse and saved me…Actually, He sent a friend in a white Lexus!!

With the move to Guatemala, I have been struggling with wanting to hang out with friends, but not wanting to get too close because I am leaving soon. I want to spend as much time as I can with them, but I don’t want to have too much fun, that it will be even harder to leave. Yes, silly, I know!

So, this morning, I was at church and I was just…depressed! I normally say hi to everyone and make an entrance when I walk into the room, instead I sat in my chair quietly before service writing in my journal and then snuck into Life Group. I really wanted to blend in, but for someone like me, being quiet isn’t blending in…it brings more attention to me.

I had a couple of ladies (separately) come to me and ask what was wrong. I shared a bit of what was going on, but  planned on wallowing the rest of the day. The Lord had other plans. One of my friends asked if I wanted to join her at the beach and, if you live up north, you would’ve said “heck no”, but we live in FL, so I said “sure”!

We spent time chatting about our lives and often just laid there listening to crashing waves and the annoying birds! It was perfect!

The Lord is so gracious! He wants me to learn to fully depend on Him, but He also knows when I need my friends around and allows me those moments. When in Guatemala, I will not have my “girls” to call on whenever I get down, so I do need to learn to rely on the Lord to be my BFF.  So, I do praise Him for teaching me that lesson here where I can learn it in small doses instead of cold turkey…He knows how much hand holding I need!

I love how the Lord allows the enemy to get to it just so He can save the day! Such a show off! 😉

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