Why all the fuss?

Why is that we believe the lies that are told to us? Why is it so much easier to believe we are worthless, ugly, too much of something and not enough of the other? Why do we continue to sulk and seek to make ourselves “better”? Better for who? And who makes the call on what is “better”?

You know when you start looking at the lies for what they are, they become so ridiculous but yet still so hard to let go or to undo the damage they have caused. So, those lies then become other lies…I mean, really where does the devil get away with corrupting us like He does? His hatred for God and all of His children runs so deep he will do anything, say anything just to keep us from the Truth.

I have to admit, the lies he has been telling me forever run very deep. They are so woven into my character, my personality, I don’t know who or what I would look like without them…I may be nicer, kinder, less defensive. I often wonder who is the woman God originally wanted me to be? What would she look like and would she be on this path I am on now?

I can sit here and think how I should and could be better. I can focus on all I am not or I can worship a God who loves me anyway. A God who despises the lies I listen to and, honestly, ALL the time I spend on the “problem” instead of The Answer!

Which leads me to the conclusion…If I am so worthless, ugly and just not a threat, why all the fuss? Why doesn’t the devil just leave me alone? Maybe, he knows who I really am and the power and authority I have been given scares the bejeezus out of him? Maybe he’s just as scared of you?

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