Legacy of Love

I have been Blessed to live at Shepherd’s Village for almost 3 years. Shepherd’s Village is a Christ-Centered Residential Ministry for single parents. Shepherd’s Village is an environment which encourages its residents to gain, not independence, but dependence on God. Shepherd’s Village has been instrumental in leading me to the road I am on now.

Shepherd’s Village is the ministry and calling placed on the heart of Phyllis Alderman. Phyllis has a heart to lead and minister single women as they walk on a path all too familiar to her. She raised 2 children on her own and because of her passion and heart, and later her commitment to the Lord, her children have grown to be wonderful parents.

Without Phyllis, Shepherd’s Village would only be an apartment complex for single mothers and not the community it is. The friendships  and accountability developed here are only because of the dedication and commitment Phyllis has poured into all of the residents. She is the heart of Shepherd’s Village.

This year we celebrate 20 years of the Shepherd’s Village ministry. We also celebrate the merger of Shepherd’s Village and New Life Solutions which will allow Phyllis’ dream to continue well into future.

Our annual fundraising dinner and silent auction was held this past Friday and the theme was Legacy of Love. I believe Phyllis chose this as the theme because she feels the legacy we are given the opportunity to begin here can only be formed and guided by love. But as I thought about it this weekend, Legacy of Love is appropriate not because of the legacy that begins at Shepherd’s Village, but because of the legacy Phyllis begun  long ago when she did all she could to change the path of her life, that of her children’s and those of us who have lived, live and will live at Shepherd’s Village.

Phyllis is a Legacy of Love! I, only pray, I become as committed to my calling as she is to hers!

Shepherd’s Village is a 501 3(c) not-for-profit ministry. If you would like to support Shepherd’s Village and its residents, please contact Phyllis at 727-216-1402 ext.500 or at info@shepherdsvillage.com


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