Out of the ashes…We Rise…Victorious!

Fear, hormones, lack of worth, some more fear, lies topped with a layer of victory! Today, was a hard, but glorious day! So much so, my head is throbbing as I write this. But I smile through the pain. I rejoice in the tears that caused the headache.

I have been burnt in my life. Burnt so bad I can show you the scars. Sometimes I was the one with the matches. Sometimes I, intentionally, caused the fire and I, by the Grace of God, was only burnt when I should’ve died. You think, a bit dramatic there, Jen? But, no, it isn’t.

I have spit in the face of my Savior and have murdered…murdered babies because I did not want my sin to exposed. Ironic, how here, on the internet for anyone and everyone to read, I am exposing myself. Why is that? Because by the Grace of God, who sent His only Son to be my Kinsmen Redeemer on a cross, I can rise.

Not only can I rise, but I rise victorious. With my head held high. Tears stains on my face. Joy and pride in my heart. Pride that I have children in Heaven with my Father and Savior. Their story is not over or changed because they are not here with me. Their story continues and is better than I could have ever wished for them.

My selfishness stole away their chance to shine on earth, but it did not stop them from illuminating my heart and life! I fight for them! I serve for them! I obey for them! Bring it on because I am ready. No matter what comes my way, I’m ready! This mother of 3, has come to win!

To GOD be the GLORY!!!

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