Recognize to Resist

The most common lie that we are told is that there is no devil, but the Bible clearly states that he does exist and his goal to kill and destroy those of us who choose to follow Christ (John 10:10). Which leads to the second most common lie:

If the devil does exist, he doesn’t care much about you. Well, that is true if you don’t love and follow Jesus…he could care less because you aren’t a threat to him. Those of us, on the other hand, who have admitted of our sin, believe Christ died and rose again as a ransom for our sin and choose to follow and obey His calling on our lives, need to WATCH OUT!! The devil HATES God so much, he will do his best to trip us up. So, don’t fall for it!!

Here are a couple of questions, you can ask yourself or friends to recognize and resist the devil’s attacks:

1. How do you know when the Devil is attacking you? Examples: Feeling worthless, hopeless, overwhelmed, frightened, discouraged, insecure, tempted? Do you feel misunderstood? Are you easily angered? Experiencing self-doubt, extreme humiliation, shame? How about depression, restlessness, anxiety, or insomnia? Do you question the reality of your faith, the love and care of God? Do you have no peace? Feel beaten down or consumed with self?

His attacks are not limited to this, so just because you don’t see your listed, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Trust me, if you claim to love the Lord, you are either just out of an attack, in the middle of one or about to go into one…so prepared!

2. What do you when you are feeling attacked? Reactions are different for everyone and can range from keeping yourself so busy (with other people and their lives) that you ignore yours to going into isolation.

James 4:7, tells us we need to submit to God AND resist the devil! Not only should we turn to God, but as we turn to God, we call on His Sovereign name to make the devil flee…which, if you mean it, he’s gonna run!!! AMEN!!!

Finally, when doing all of this recognizing and resisting, don’t lose focus! Another tool the devil can use is consume you so much on fighting him, that you forget to praise, worship and turn to the Lord. Remember our focus is not to dwell on the attacker, but looking to the Rescuer!

Post inspired by Duty or Delight? by Tammie Head

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