Opening up…to let go

Scream, beg, cry for the Lord to take something from you, but in order to let something go, you have to open up your hand…

I’m learning that there are some things I am holding on to so tight that it scares me to let go. My question, I always thought was can I move without them, but it really is, do I trust God? Really trust Him? With everything? I don’t know if I can say I can right now.

Is that something, me, a person willing to move to another country, allowed to say? I guess being a missionary isn’t the equivalent to being perfect because here I am facing that baggage once again.

I did a skit called Open/Let Go when I attended a church in Tarpon Springs about 5 years ago. It was about this subject…willing to trust God with everything. I thought it would be a great idea for me to do this skit again at our Fundraiser Dinner next Thursday night; not because I thought I was dealing with doubt or baggage, but because I thought others could relate. As I work on my lines and pitfalls happen, God is revealing to me that it wasn’t my idea to do this skit again, but His. Because I am still holding on to many of those items I thought I had let go of and He needs to work them out of my hands.

I love how we can mess up and pick up the baggage we had once released, but God NEVER forsakes us. In His Loving and Merciful tone says, “Yes, you can trust Me!”

I hope many of you will be attending the dinner at Bascom’s this coming Thursday, not only to support us, but to hear what the Lord may have to say to you about letting go.

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