In Increasing Measure

I often think that if I pray and have faith, God should hear my prayers and come through for me because well, after all, He does love me, right? Isn’t that what this is all about? His love for us? I have learned it is, but it isn’t that simple…is it ever? Nope, not since the Garden of Eden.

In 2 Peter 1:3-11, we are told there are a few steps for us to get from faith to love. It tells us that faith leads to goodness; goodness to knowledge; knowledge to self-control; self-control to perseverance; perseverance to godliness; godliness to brotherly kindness; brotherly kindness to love…finally! Man, that seems like a work-out (and everyone who knows me, knows I do not work out!). It’s supposed to be.

If our goal is to live out the abundant life God has ordained for us, we have to do some work. When we do the work “in increasing measure, it will keep us from being ineffective and unproductive in our knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (v.8) We become smarter, wiser, effective and productive…isn’t that what we all want?

For me, doing work isn’t worth the effort unless I am doing it with someone else and there is a pay-off in the end. I thrive (and often require ) on the encouragement and the final outcome. Come on, I’m being honest. Don’t you judge me? 😉 In this passage, I am assured that “His power has given me everything I need” (v.3) and it also tells me the “worth while” pay-off (smarter, wiser, effective, productive).

I find comfort in knowing that He has provided me with not only what to strive for, but He has also given me His power to accomplish it. Now, why is it that I seek to make my own and plans and use my own power? For someone who doesn’t like to work, I really make it extra difficult for myself. 

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