Giving a Voice through Silence

Today is the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. As people wear red arm bands and duct tape to represent the number of lives silenced by a “choice”, I choose not to be silent…

Not because I disagree with what today represents, but because too many of us have been silent for too long! Abortion kills! Not only babies, but dreams and the lives of those involved.

The enemy through the media and the pro-choice industry makes abortion sound like birth control: once it’s done, it’s over. For those of us who have made that choice, we know full well, it is only the beginning.

The beginning of a downward spiral of “coping”in different ways; drugs, alcohol, sex, anger, isolation…the list goes on. So, many don’t even know that keeping the abortion a secret is the key to their behavior. Why? Because of another ridiculous lie from the enemy…”this is too bad to share, keep it a secret”.

LIAR!!!! Yes, it was a bad decision, but DO NOT KEEP IT HIDDEN! It will only eat you up from the inside. Trust me, I have seen it!

I just finished facilitating a Post-Abortion Bible Study, called Surrendering the Secret. It is an 8 week study that guides you through a journey. A journey to healing. I can’t fully describe what occurs during this time because most people don’t believe the freedom that is experienced once you have truly surrendered this “secret” to the Lord and allowed Him to mend your broken heart. Women come on in scared and ashamed. They walk out with their heads held high!

The healing isn’t because of the Bible Study. The Bible Study is the tool used to bring you closer to God where you can experience the freedom and forgiveness He is waiting to give you!

I could go on and on…My only prayer is that if you have had an abortion, seek a Post-Abortion Study that will help you! I have some links below. If you are not comfortable contacting or making the step alone, please contact me at 334-357-0445 or I will be more than happy to pray with you and be with you as you take the step towards healing.

If you know of someone who has had an abortion or if someone mentions they have had an abortion, encourage, love and pray for them. God sees ALL sin as sin, we should, too!

Post-Abortion Studies

Surrendering the Secret – The 8-week study I completed and have facilitated twice. It is a ministry of A Woman’s Place in Tampa.

Passages – Passages is a ministry of New Life Solutions. The curriculum used is a 9-week Bible Study called Forgiven and Set Free.

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