I hear ya…

I have to say this week has been pretty exhausting! I worked this week at the hospital and even though it was fabulous to actually work and have my passion for nursing be reignited, I also struggled with being able to still take time to spend some quiet time with the Lord.

I am part of 3 Bible studies and did not even open them this week. I wrote in my journal last night for the first time since Sunday. I did, however, read my very first novel! (Yes, I have never read a novel. I mainly read “self-help” type books, except they are more “God-help” type books.)

I picked up Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers at the library and read all 464 pages in 3 days. (One day, I actually read for almost 9 hours…it was THAT good!!) Every afternoon when I got home, I would plop on the couch and just read. I couldn’t stop. I could so relate to the main character and I found myself on the journey with her. As she grew to learn the truth about how she viewed the world and others, I found myself crying and praying because I, too, view the world and others through similar lenses.

It was such an amazing book of how we can allow our past to dictate and often distort (1) our present and plans for the future (2) how we view God and how His view of us and (3) how we view others and their view of us.

Well, look at that? I started this entry saying I didn’t spend quiet with the Lord this week, but I guess I was judging it by how much I spent doing Bible studies and journaling, when I spent time with Him reading a good book where He was able to teach me so much. Just because I didn’t “do” the things I normally do, doesn’t mean I wasn’t spending time with the Lord.

Today’s lesson: What I “do” doesn’t help me bear fruit, who I am “with” does! What matters is that I am “with” Him in ALL I do and I listen while doing it!!



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