It’s not always about you, Jennifer!

That was today’s message from the Lord…He reminded me through someone I met (via phone) today.

A few posts back, I wrote about how as we are obedient to God, we build a legacy where He will bless us and our children. I believed this wholeheartedly, but I was thinking long-term, like Jake could be blessed when he’s older after I am gone. Today, I was reminded that God’s plan for us to move to Guatemala could very well be more for Jake than it is for me.

I mean, I know the experience can and will be life-changing, but the new environment or something that he encounters in Guatemala could very well be the first step (or a re-enforcement) to Jake’s call.

I have not lost sight of what I am called to do, but now, I look at this move in a whole new light. My prayers for this chapter in our lives is not only for my ministry or for Jake to adjust well to the new environment, but for God to radically move in Jake’s life (even as a 13-year-old)!

I am learning so many things about God’s character and His will for our lives as we prepare to make this move and it all confirms that He does use and bless everyone! 🙂

All Glory to Him!

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