One Down…

So, our first fundraiser is now over and we are now 5% closer to our goal! PRAISE THE LORD!

As the garage sale was FINALLY over and we had cleaned everything up and were adding up what was made, I felt the Lord kiss me on the cheek. You know when you just wanna love on your child or a friend and you just give them a sweet kiss on the cheek…that’s what I felt. It was a reminder of why we are doing this. Why He is requiring me to actually get in there and work for this.

It is for Him that we are moving. It is to speak the truth of His Holiness and Love to those who may not have heard or have not fully experienced it. It is to share His redeeming love with so many who share my same story. It is to bring freedom and light to bondage and darkness.

My other lesson right now…He has required me to get out of my comfort zone and work for everything extra hard because, to be honest, I need the practice. I can a bit spoiled and expect things to happen with little effort on my part. And being the Awesome and Gracious God He is, He is allowing me to learn my lesson here, before I go!

I still don’t know why He would choose me for this work, but I am Grateful for the opportunity and look forward to making my Father proud! 😉

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