Garage Sale – Day 1

This week has been crazy! I have traveled all over Pinellas County getting items for the garage sale from so many Amazing folks, pricing every single item and then getting over the whole reality of haggling!

In reality though, I really have no complaints about today. It all went so Amazingly well! The weather was perfect, the traffic was steady and we sold TONS of items!

God is so, SO GOOD to Bless with some pretty AMAZING friends. From those who donated, to those who helped me price, help me sell and OF COURSE, those who BOUGHT most whom I met today!! I cannot THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH!!

The grand total made today is $527.93!!!! Isn’t my God AWESOME?!?!?!?! Praise Him! All Glory to Him!!!

As I reflect on the Greatness of God and how He has orchestrated so much on our behalf, I can’t help, but think of so many who do not yet know Him as their personal Savior. I ask, if that is you, please consider The One who is the Provider of all in existence. Consider listening to His call to follow Him. You may think it too risky, and you are right, lots will be required of you, but the payoff of an Abundant (way beyond anything you could ever imagine for yourself) life is what He has in store for you. WIll you hear His call? For more details, go to Why Jesus. I am praying for you!

I am now going to get some rest, so we can do it all again tomorrow! Hope to see many of you!! 😉

In His Love & Service!

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