Fear not!

Do you pick and choose the characteristics of God you want to think of?

Some may think of Him as this grandpa rocking away in a huge rocking chair. Some think of Him like a dog who waits by the door, waiting for us to come to play with Him. Others think of Him, as this huge figure standing 100 feet tall waiting to smite anyone who makes a move He choses not to like at that moment. Me? Alot of times, I think of Him as a good friend that I call when I want to talk about certain stuff, but withdraw when I “know” what He will say and I really just don’t want to hear it.

At church, you hear all these great terms for God. He’s our Friend and our Healer and Comforter. We sing about going to the Mercy Seat where He calls us to go. All of these are true and He IS all of those things; our Friend, Healer, Comforter. We can go to Him ANYTIME. But we need to remember WHO HE IS!

He created the universe and everything in it. He is the Author of our lives. He sent His Son to die for the stupid choices we make everyday. He struck people dead…DEAD…when they didn’t give Him the proper reverence He deserves and Demands! We need to not forget that although He loves us more than we could even comprehend, He is HOLY, HOLY, HOLY! (Just one or two Holies wouldn’t cut it.)

My prayer for me, and for all of us, is for my/our fear to grow more everyday. That sounds funny, but think about it? We are taught to fall in love with Jesus and grow closer to Him, but that really can soften the image we have of Him. And as Loving as He is, He is NOT soft!



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