Watching from the stands

It’s called life. And this one is yours.

No one else has your version. You’ll never bump into yourself on the sidewalk. You’ll never meet anyone who has your exact blend of lineage, loves and longings. Your life will never be lived by any one else.

Life is racing by, and if we aren’t careful, you and I will look up, and our shot at it will have passed us by.

But if you’re anything like me, it’s not enough for you to do well. You want to do good. You want your life to matter. You want to live in such a way that the world will be glad you did.

-Excerpt from Max Lucado’s Live to Make a Difference

I have had a hard week. I’ve been disappointed in myself and my actions and just wish I could and would do better…I guess that’s why I haven’t written. I haven’t felt very inspiring or inspired and then I get a huge wake up call…

It’s not about me! It’s not about what I can do, it’s not about what lies are being whispered to me. It is about the One who lives in me! It is about what He has for me, for my life. And I can choose to sit and I sulk at what I have or haven’t done or I can look to Him for the strength, energy and motivation I need.

I refuse to sit and watch from the stands…or even the sidelines for that matter. I want to be right there on the offensive line, taking hits and moving the ball forward because although I want to score touchdowns, my goal is to win the game and make the enemy wished he never even suited up! Who’s with me?

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