This weekend has been a bit of an emotional weekend. Fundraiser planning, Guatemala June team reunion party, church, life. So many things reminding me of how much I want to be in Guatemala now and also how much I am going to truly miss my family here!

Yesterday morning, we finalized the details of our second fundraiser, a Dinner and Silent auction at Bascom’s Chop House on November 3. We want this to be a great time to share what we hope to be doing in Guatemala, along with sharing what my trips have been like in the past and just some time to spend with people who support and encourage us. (Please RSVP by October 31st.)

Then, later in the day, we had a reunion party for those who went on the Guatemala mission trips in May and June. We ate, exchanged pictures and stories, saw a video compilation of pictures and video footage and shared what is going on currently in our lives. It was such a great reminder of how much I do love Guatemala. It was also wonderful to be around people who also have experienced it with me and can share in my love for Guatemala and its people!

Later in the evening and today, reminded me of how dear my friends are! They have become my family; my sisters and brothers! People I can confide in when things aren’t going so well or when things are simply wonderful! People I can cry with during the worship service, or share a laugh over a meal or yogurt! They are my home and what I will miss the most!

It is often said that the people are the “church”; not a building. This weekend, I discovered that the cheesy saying “home is where the heart is” is really true…it’s with my friends; my sisters and my brothers!

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